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Above the Clouds

We Still Have Art 2020


What is 'We Still Have Art' ?


" An online global art project that encourages people from all around the world to create daily artworks and inspire others during this ongoing pandemic of coronavirus."

With all the uncertainty and fear in these unprecedented times, none of us can avoid being emotionally affected. Luckily, we still have art. 

We Still Have Art collects the pandemic-inspired artworks from people who are interested in inspiring others to do more in life. We believe that art is a record of what people are feeling and, at the same time, it can bring about emotional reactions in the viewer.​ It provides comfort that we're not the only ones feeling a certain way. No matter how far we're, art brings people close together.


We hope you can be part of this project, share with us your very own daily artworks that depicting your feelings — whether it's optimistic or pessimistic, during this hard time. 


We post the artworks every day on our Facebook and Instagram. Follow us: Facebook and Instagram


Join us to create your Daily Art!


" Why not take a look at those teeny-weeny things in life and turn them into art ? "


The overwhelming pandemic has changed our life, however, it can't change the ways we choose to live on. While many of us are having to stay at home, we are inspired to explore and appreciate those tiny things that we used to ignore in life.


Let's look at that small thingy surround us, from a paper clip to rose petals, it can turn out to be a witty, miniature and creative artwork.


We Still Have Art always believes that art and creativity have been the instrument, for every one of us, to lift up our spirits, spread love and hope, as well as go through the tough times. Through your very own daily artwork, it can importantly enlighten your life. Whether you believe it or not, art has a way to reach inside our soul and helps us validate and recognise our emotions.

We look forward to receiving your artwork. Let us hope, moving forward, from survival to revival in the current re-opening phase.


How to Join us?

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