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Viva la Vida is a global community where people share their authentic stories through art, explore the purpose of life, and form genuine connections with others
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Online Platform and Database for Sharing Human Stories and Art

Platforms and databases for each and every one of us to share our stories through art. It now takes the form of a website and an online gallery. Eventually, Viva la Vida will have its own mobile application and online platform for people from all over the world to view stories, generate their own, and connect with each other.

Global Community of Story Collectors

Viva la Vida has a global community of people from 50+ countries who have vast curiosity and compassion towards fellow human beings and continuously collect their stories. They are the ones that enable the voice of each and every one of us (especially the marginalized social groups) to be heard.

Education Programs

Viva la Vida design education programs focusing on cross-cultural leadership and community service. Young people from middle school, high school, and colleges are our general participants. They will be guided by professional mentors to design a social project focusing on a marginalized group, implement the project, host an exhibition about the project at the United Nations Office of Geneva, and present the project to the United Nations officers.

Exhibition Programs

Viva la Vida offers exhibition programs to non-profits organizations and corporate social responsibility projects at the United Nations. Viva la Vida will help the organization curate an exhibition about the social group they help and the achievement throughout the years, at the United Nations Office of Geneva. UN officers, diplomats, NGO leaders will be invited to attend the welcome reception. Organizations are also invited to a two-day program visiting various international organizations in Geneva.

Team Building Solutions

Viva la Vida hosts art workshops as a team-building solution. We design the workshop based on various academic research in psychology, art therapy, management theory, etc. It aims at establishing more authentic and meaningful connections within the team. The artwork created through the workshop can also become a testimony of the team culture. Our past clients includes Facebook and Bytedance.

Global Art Community for Children

Viva la Vida is building a global art community for children all over the world (especially those of marginalized social groups) to exchange ideas and stories by drawing. It consists of two parts: an online gallery to exhibit the drawings and offline mini art stations for children to come and draw. Viva la Vida partners with local NGOs in major global cities to establish and maintain the mini art stations. Besides, Viva la Vida hosts free art camps for children in need (i.e., those of marginalized social groups) to enable them using art to explore, express, and establish their identity.

 Viva la Vida aims at building the largest humanity database and has partnered with organizations including UN, Facebook, China Unicom, Vanke, G20 YEA, etc. It combines the power of technology and humanity, using the algorithm of image recognition and machine learning to analyze the cultural implication behind the beautiful drawings.
Viva la Vida originated from a street experiment in Mexico City on January 3rd, 2018, in front of the blue house and museum of Frida Kahlo, where people were asked to draw a picture to express their purpose of life. Later on, it surprisingly grows into a global community of people from 50+ countries share their stories through art and make meaningful connections.

Become a VIVA Volunteer

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We are a global art community that encourages people to share their authentic views and stories through the medium of art.

Upload your Life Portrait

We collect stories.

We initiate street experiments to ask people to draw a picture to answer the question of “what is your life”.
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