Viva la Vida has a full-time team based in Beijing, and everyone else as volunteers work on a remote, part-time basis. Volunteers can choose to join various functions, including product (PM, design, development, user research, cross-cultural analysis), marketing (branding, user growth, partnership, social media), operation (community engagement), admin (HR, finance, legal).

Xiaoning Lyu


- Minerva Schools at KGI. 

- Vice President at APEC Voices of the Future

- "To observe, understand and appreciate different forms of human lives"

Adrian Jiao​

- Board Member and Head of Product at an AI Education Start-up incubated by Tencent

-Founder of ThinkX Product Manager Community


- Ogilvy Hong Kong 

Guanqiao Yin

-B.Arch at zhejiang university

-MA at Carnegie Mellon University

-UX at fintech

Danxin Wu

- Fudan University

- Bilibili, Kuai, Nielson, Accenture

-"Exploration on ourselves makes us more real."

Yan Zhang

- Carnegie Mellon University

- Co-founder & CTO of rct studio, former senior software engineer at NVIDIA

- "YOLO"



Shuyu Li

- University of Washington

- UX designer at Microsoft

"Stay ignorant, humble and fragile"

Mingxing Hu

- Hedge Fund Research Analyst


- Cardiff University, The U.K.

- Strategic Planner, Caixin Global

Jingyun Shi

 - Fudan University

- Chanel, 24HOURS


Xiaoshu Chen

- Minerva Schools at KGI. 

-Argentina Ministry of Education, Stanford Design Institute


Zixuan Zhu

- Fudan University

-French Embassy Book Club

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur."

Franco Yu

Head of BD

- University of Bristol

- Associate at Hillhouse Capital, former Lead of Product GTM at Cisco

Anna Wang

-HR Specialist at China Unicom

Yuan Lin

-Nanyang Technological University

- Marketer in Ultimaker APAC

Huan Lu

- University of Michigan



Jiesen Gao

- Peking University

- Bytedance


Siying Liu

 - University of International Business and Economics


Liying Zhu

 - Washington University

-Development Planning Institute of Zhejiang Province

"Be strong and creative."

Dan Liu

- 南开大学/Cardiff University 

- Caixin Media Group

"野蛮其体魄 文明其精神"

Xiaoming Shang

- Fudan University

-Mattel MKT, Didi


Lili Wang

- University of Melbourne  



Shuran Li

- Cornell University

-Robots in Groups Lab, MITRE

"The human body is 90% water. We are basically cucumber with emotion."

Zijun Li

-Fudan University


Xiaoyang Sun

-Fudan University

"Cherish the moment."

Yijun Chen

-United World College Changshu China


Margarita Levitova

- Minerva Schools at KGI

Yu Wang

- University of International Business and Economics

"When u gotta go, u gotta go."

Tom Pless

- Minerva Schools at KGI

Dulce Rivera

- Minerva Schools at KGI

Hanbing Zhang

-RWTH Aachen

-Siemens, Fraunhofer FIT

-La vita bella.

Dan Wang

-Anhui University of Technology

-Bull Group


Maiqi Liu

-Fudan University


Bingxue Duan

-Beijing Foreign Studies University


Yujun Ma

-Nanjing University

Yuchu Luo

-Hangzhou Electronic Science and Ttechnology University

-It's more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy.

Sitong Li

-Beijing Institute of Technology


Guang Cheng

-Anhui University of Technology

-Forex Group

Xi Chen

-Peking University

-Explore the world, explore ourselves.

Ruoqi Tian


Mingqi Wei


Yu Zhao

-Fudan University

-Lady luck favors the ones who try

Xiaoxia Xie

-MTA (Mondragon Team Academy)


Xinlu Li

-Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


Hanyu Gong

-Georgia Institute of Technology

Yahui Ma

-University of Washington

-Live, love, laugh.

Bo Dai


Weiqi Hu

-Nanjing University


Yiming Zhao

-Boston university


Guanqiao Yin

-Carnegie Mellon University / Zhejiang University

-Que sera.

Xiaodan Mou

-China Foreign Affairs University

-Blue Focus

Qiaoli Xiong

-Beijing University

-Goldman Sachs



Yang Xiong

Xin Nie

-University College London

-The Affiliated High School of Peking University

-Now or Never.

Zhongjie Cui

 - Fudan University


Yuxuan Liu

- Fudan University

"Facing the barren inside and outside"

Wenjia Hu 

-Lawrence University & Oxford University

-Cognitive Scientist and HCI Researcher

"It takes a special mindset to truly discover something" 

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