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20+countries, 60+terrories

3000+ paintings

100+ team members

what you will gain?

As a sharer :

    Through the process of sharing and passing, you may gain new insights regarding your life.


As a host :

    You will enjoy the process of collecting life stories and obtain a sense of achievement while encouraging others to express thier own understandings of life.

    Provide you with memorable experience which makes you a more empathetique human being.   


As a team member :

  Life-long friendship with other members.

 Improve your competence of communication and cooperation.

   Become a member of an interesting community which is determined to inspire more people and bring a little change to the world.


what you are going to do?


As a sharer :

    Upload your drawing to share it with the others.


As a host :

    Host a VlvArt at any place you like

Inspire more people to draw their feelings of being alive.

    Being reliable and have excellent organisation skills.


As a team member :

    Make a world a better place.

    Stay open-minded and easy-going.

    Seek the truth of your life.

    Always appreciate the world in which we live.

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