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15/08--16/08/2018, Thailand

15/06/2018, Shanghai, China

79 drawings collected at Wave Healing Festival in Shanghai, China. 

07/06/2018, Istanbul, Turkey

32 drawings collected at Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty in Istanbul, Turkey. 

02/06/2018, Hong Kong

31 drawings collected at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. 

01/06/2018, Nairobi, Kenya

74 drawings collected among kids at Mathare, Nairobi, Kenya. 

25/05/--27/05/ 2018, Hangzhou 云栖大会

From 25 May through 27 May, 2018,, at Alibaba's Yunqi Tech Summit, we collected 75 paintings about life. 

25/05/2018, Kabul, Afghanistan

During her 20-day stay in Kabul, Afghanistan,  Chinese artist Mowen worked with a local anti-violence organization where she inspired street kids to draw about their lives; she also engaged in individual conversation with artists and other adults in ArtLoards.

42 drawings collected at Rangoli Metro Art Center 

Orient Securities Asset Management Company Limited

Within 10 minutes, we collected 34 drawings from finance professionals in Shanghai. 

06/05/2018, Nanjing

At Stone Village, Shiqiao Town, Nanjing.

9 drawings collected

04/2018, Beijing

Beijing Dongcheng District Health Bureau No.3 Kindergarten.

48 drawings collected within 1 hour.

04/2018, Beijing & San Francisco

Dozens of drawings were collected within a few weeks.

22/03/2018, Beijing

In 798 Art District.

~30 drawings collected within 3 hours

03/2018, Aachen

West park.

In the afternoon around 2-6 pm, 18+18 drawings collected

02/2018, Beijing

Various events in universities in Beijing.

~80 drawings collected in several days

14/03/2018, Shanghai

Jiangwan Stadium.

30 drawings collected within 4 hours


Fudan University.

20 drawings collected within 2 hours

02/2018, New Delhi

A wedding reception.

Afternoon around 4 pm, 10 drawings collected

25/02/2018, Melbourne

Melbourne State Library.

20 drawings collected

18/02/2018, San Francisco

In Dolores Park.

~100 drawings collected within 4 hours

11/02/2018, Chengdu

Broad and Narrow Alley and Dong Jiao Ji Yi

11/02/2018, Havana

In front of La Bodeguita del Medio (a bar famous for Hemingway’s visit and literature).

~70 drawings collected within 5 hours

02/02/2018, San Francisco

In front of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art).

~50 drawings collected within 5 hours

03/01/2018, Mexico City

In front of Frida Kahlo’s blue house. The first event of Viva La Vida, more than 70 drawings collected within 4 hours

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