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Explore diverse and beautiful human life stories

Through the world's largest database of life drawings from 50+ countries

About Viva la Vida

Viva la Vida asks people a simple question - What is your life, and the answer needs to be expressed through a drawing. 

 We encourage people to pause for a moment from their busy lives, ponder on this very essential question, and define their own meaning.

We appreciate all forms of human lives and firmly believe everyone's stories should be heard.

About VIVA Volunteer

VIVA Volunteers are a group of people who use their ardent and curiosity about life to encourage people with different cultural backgrounds, occupations, and ages from all over the world to draw their own life portraits on a piece of paper and explore each story behind life portraits.

As a VIVA volunteer, you will help us to collect life portraits of people all over the world. You can conduct life portrait workshop in different format. We will provide guidelines.

This Intro video of Viva la Vida is linked to Youtube, please ensure that you have certain Internet support.

Answers to What Is Your Life

By collecting human stories through art, we've built this online gallery of










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