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Bring Emotional Connection to workplace

This gallery showcases the drawing of the Coca-Cola Italy Branding Team bonding experience facilitated by VIVA AI, with fun, engaging, and meaningful activities and conversations in an artsy space.


VIVA Connect

What is your life like?

Art Brings Our Team Closer and Build Up Authentic Connection with VIVA AI

Slide the bar to see before and after

VIVA Cocreate

What if our team is a zootopia?

Co-envisioning the team with the wildest and most exciting ideas
With VIVA AI Canvas brings collective creativity into life


Designed by VIVA Artist

Created By VIVA AI Canvas

With VIVA AI Powering our team dreams


(C) Copyright 2023 VIVA AI. All right reserved. Various trademarks held by their respective owners. 

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