In Viva La Vida, we invite people to answer a simple question “What is your life” by drawing a picture on the spot or online. We encourage people to use the artistic medium to deeply think about and explore the purpose of life.

Viva La Vida is a global art organization that encourages people to explore the meaning of life through drawing.

We ask people from different culture a simple question - What is your life, and collect their drawings as the answer.

We exhibit all the artwork online and hope to inspire deeper conversation and mutual understanding among humans.


The first offline event was held in Mexico City where we collected ~70 artwork in four hours. So far, Viva La Vida has gradually become a global open source art movement that anyone can host a Viva La Vida offline art experiment to collect people’s drawing. Now we already have presences in 15 countries and has collected more than a thousand people’s drawings.


Notes from the Founder

“Viva La Vida” is a Spanish phrase meaning "Live the life". It is also the name of a painting created by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. This painting was her last artwork. Even with her death looming near, Frida converted all the pain and sorrow she experienced in life into the liveliness and boldness of her paintings. She is a truly brave and genuine soul. 

This really inspired me. If art is the connection between Frida and her life, what are the connections between other people and their lives? How do people perceive life differently? That’s where this art project comes from. 

After I did the first experiment in Mexico City on January 3rd, 2018 (that’s why our social media accounts are vivalavida0103), I was amazed by people’s creativity and level of engagement. Thus I decided to make it an open source project. People all over the world can organize this experiment, and we will gather all the artworks online for people to appreciate.

I hope this could be a starting point where people get inspired and begin to think about what their lives really mean to them.

Special thanks to my friend Alex. Viva La Vida won't exist in this world if I never met him.